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Fuel cell power module

1KW / 5KW / 10KW

The power module of Inbo New Energy Fuel Cell uses PEM fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cell is a power generation device that uses hydrogen as fuel and directly converts chemical energy into electric energy through electrochemical reaction without burning. PEM is a proton exchange membrane, which is an impermeable but conductive polymer membrane. PEM fuel cell is a fuel cell with proton exchange membrane as electrolyte. Compared with the traditional energy conversion technology, PEM fuel cell has many advantages.

Efficiency:Fuel cells directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy, not limited by the Carnot cycle, and their efficiency is much higher than that of internal combustion engines.Zero

Emission: Only unreacted air and generated water in fuel cell emissions can achieve zero emission in a real sense. This is attractive not only for transportation, but also for many indoor applications and submarines.

Modularization: PEM fuel cells are essentially modular. The stack of single cells forms a battery pack, and the combination of multiple cells can generate more electricity. Therefore, the application of PEM fuel cell is not limited by power, and the combination scheme can be flexibly selected according to the actual application needs.

High concealment: PEM fuel cell has no mechanical movement, so it has no noise, no combustion reaction, so it has low infrared radiation, only water is emitted, and no particulate matter is emitted. It is attractive in portable power supply, standby power supply and military applications.

Fuel sources are abundant: hydrogen is the most abundant element in nature. Renewable energy, nuclear energy, biomass energy, coal or natural gas can all be sources of hydrogen. Therefore, reducing dependence on foreign oil is of great significance to national security.