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Company Introduction

Beijing IN-Power Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, headquartered in Fengtai District, Beijing. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, design and production, technical services and sales. The company has more than 110 employees, including 35 professional R&D personnel and more than 30 scientific and technological personnel with doctoral and master degrees. IN-Power Renewable Energy passed ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2011 and CCC certification in China Quality Certification Center in 2010 to implement QEO integrated management.

The company focuses on the fuel cell industry, mainly engaged in the research, design, production and service of fuel cell system and its application, as well as the development and utilization of core electronic control devices. Fuel cell system, fuel cell DCDC, fuel cell air compressor controller are the main research and development directions of the company. After more than ten years of exploration and practice, IN-Power Renewable Energy has gradually formed five series of innovative application solutions, which are applied in military emergency power supply, standby power supply, vehicle power supply, base station and other industries.

IN-Power Renewable Energy continues to uphold the enterprise concept of "focusing on the future and taking the lead". It combines corporate social responsibility with environmental protection to continuously provide customers with safe, reliable and convenient services.

R&D Laboratory

IN-Power Renewable Energy Research and Development Laboratory is located in Inbo Industrial Park, which is responsible for the development and testing of fuel cell systems. Fuel cell system research and development laboratory and fuel cell test laboratory are set up. At present, it has 1KW, 5KW and 10KW fuel cell system technology.

Canadian R&D Center

IN-Power Renewable has a leading technology research center in Vancouver, Canada. It has fuel cell system research and development laboratory, methanol reforming hydrogen production research and development laboratory, air compressor control research laboratory and fuel cell DC-DC research and development laboratory. It has advanced hardware and software equipment, which is the guarantee of the company's technological innovation.

R&D of Hydrogen Producer

Methanol steam reforming hydrogen production technology, 1KW hydrogen producer, 5KW hydrogen producer, 10KW producer

R&D of Fuel Cell DC-DC

5KW Fuel Cell DC-DC, 30KW Fuel Cell DC-DC, 60KW Fuel Cell DC-DC

R&D of Fuel Cell System

1KW Fuel Cell System, 5KW Fuel Cell System and 10KW Fuel Cell System

R&D Air Compressor Controller

Fuel Cell Air Compressor Controller, Fuel Cell Controller, Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Supply

Strategic Partners


Nordic Fuel Cell Technology Leader focuses on fixed power generation , with shareholders including Swedish Energy Agency and Volvo Group.

IN-Power Renewable Energy and PowerCell are strategic partners in the field of fixed power generation. Through cooperation, they can enhance each other's technological strength and expand domestic and foreign markets to achieve faster industrial upgrading.


Fuel cell engine's international benchmark focuses on fuel cell engines for heavy trucks and buses, providing unique zero emission solutions.

IN-Power Renewable Energy and Loop have a deep cooperative relationship. The two sides exchange and cooperate at various levels, such as technology research and development, production and operation, enterprise management and market development, to enhance each other's competitiveness. At the same time, Inbo New Energy is also an important shareholder of Loop.