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Cogeneration scheme

The main uses of energy in the family are lighting, household appliances, kitchen, hot water supply, refrigeration and heating. Household appliances and lighting accounted for 34%, hot water supply 30%, heating 22%, kitchen and refrigeration 9%, respectively.

The significance of home cogeneration is that the heat energy generated in the process of power generation can be used in domestic hot water supply and heating, and the utilization rate of energy can be improved by cogeneration. The traditional power supply mode of centralized power generation in thermal power plants and high voltage power transmission, the unused heat energy can reach 60% of the total energy, and the transmission process will also bring about 5%~10% power loss, its energy efficiency is only 30%~35%. The power generation efficiency of fuel cells is 40~50%. If heat energy is taken into account, the total efficiency is more than 90%. It is difficult to remove part of the energy. With heat energy, the final comprehensive energy efficiency is 70%~80%.

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