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Shanghai solicits opinions on the management of temporary business license of hydrogen refueling sta

Shanghai municipal housing and urban and rural construction commission recently issued a letter soliciting feedback on the "Shanghai municipal interim administrative measures on the temporary business license of automobile hydrogenation stations (draft for comments)", in order to further standardize the construction and operation of hydrogen hydrogenation stations in Shanghai.

The draft for comments mainly concerns the application, acceptance, examination and approval, certificate issuance, and related supervision and management of the business license of automobile hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai.

The focus of the industry is the license management of automobile hydrogen station. As is known to all, not only in Shanghai, but also in the whole country, the construction and operation of hydrogen refueling stations are faced with the problems of slow approval process and difficulty in obtaining licenses. Many hydrogen refueling stations in operation have not obtained all the licenses and are only allowed under the condition of "special matters and special operations" by local governments.

"Draft" in Shanghai, set up the car filling stations in Shanghai and hydrogenation car service company, shall, according to the Shanghai municipal fuel gas management byelaw "regulation, apply to the municipal councils and obtain a temporary business licenses (vehicle) hydrogen gas, the license is valid for one year, 30 days prior to the expiry of the former can apply to the commission for extension. In addition, a temporary gas operating permit has been added.

In 2018, Shanghai made it clear that the construction and operation of hydrogen stations were led and supervised by the commission of housing and urban-rural development. It was also reiterated in the draft for comments, and the construction administrative departments of various districts assisted the commission in daily operation and safety supervision. Meanwhile, the development and reform commission, transportation, market supervision and other departments shall cooperate with relevant management work according to their respective duties.

An investment and operation enterprise of a hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai has submitted feedback. The person in charge of the company told the institute of orange association that the feedback focuses on two parts: some Suggestions on personnel requirements and personnel certificates; and the hope that the system can clarify whether the refueling station can be managed by other enterprises with complete certificates and certificates.

Shanghai has two hydrogen stations in operation, anting station and jiangqiao station. Another golden hill station was completed in early June, but has not yet been put into operation. Anting station is a demonstration operation station. The temporary permit of jiangqiao station has been applied for in 6 months. This license is extended to one year, which is the most direct benefit to jiangqiao station.

source:orange institute