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German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Investing 393 million Euros to Support Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cel

In recent years, with the development of new energy automobile industry becoming more and more mature, fuel cell technology, as one of the ways to achieve, has been paid more and more attention, which will drive the overall development of the hydrogen energy industry chain.

Globally, the major developed countries in the world attach great importance to the development of hydrogen energy industry from the perspective of resources and environmental protection. Germany is one of them.

On April 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany needed to change its automotive industry by switching to electric or hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.

Prior to that, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lfvn attended the Hanover Industrial Exposition, the world's largest industrial exposition, and visited products and technologies in hydrogen and fuel cell pavilions.

Germany is in the forefront of the promotion and application of hydrogen energy in Europe, and has good applications in fuel cell vehicles, communication base stations, home cogeneration power stations, hydrogenation stations and so on.

So far, Germany has invested 393 million euros in financing to support the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology. Fifty-five percent of the financing goes to hydrogen production and infrastructure transportation.